Mathematical Biology on the Mediterranean Conference

1-14 September 2019, University of the Aegean, Karlovasi, Samos, Greece



The first international Summer school and workshop Mathematical Biology on the Mediterranean should be held at the exhibition hall of Provatari building (NB: this precise location still remains to be confirmed) at the School of Sciences, University of the Aegean in Karlovasi, located on the coastal street, near the port of Karlovasi. Not far from Karlovasi port, one can reach by boat or by hiking isolated beaches such as Megalo Seitani ("The Great Satan").



One can find below a map of Samos island in its Aegean neighbourhood. Karlovasi is NW of the island. Ferry links exist to Kuşadası on the Turkish coast (from there, 20 km to the archeological site of Ephesus and 30 km to the Nesin Mathematics Village), and to the nearby Greek islands of Ikaria and Fournoi.