Welcome to MBMC-Samos2019, the first

Mathematical Biology on the Mediterranean Conference

1-14 September 2019, University of the Aegean, Karlovasi, Samos, Greece


The MBMC-Samos2019 conference, envisioned to be the first of a series of mathematical biology conferences that will take place in various locations of the Mediterranean, beginning with Samos island, will consist of two consecutive weeks. First week: Summer school, Sep 01-07. Second week: Workshop, Sep 08-14, both of which will be devoted to various topics of mathematical biology. A week-end pause will allow, with suggested excursions, to discover the cultural riches of island and, by boat to Kuşadası, of the closest part of the continent nearby, i.e., the Aegean coast of Turkey. Attendance to any of the two events separately, or to both events consecutively, will be possible.

The Summer school will bring together PhD students in applied mathematics and young or confirmed mathematicians to attend 5 series of predetermined lectures of 4-5 hours each, given by mathematicians specialists of their respective topics. Furthermore, complementary talks related to the lectures and to their own research will be open for all participants to propose. The Summer school will last one week, should prepare to, and will be prolonged by, the workshop of the following week, but can also be attended separately.

The workshop will also last one week and will be of an open format, determined according to the applications of participants proposing talks that may be related to any field of mathematical biology. The applicants to the workshop should present abstracts that will be selected by the scientific committee. Accepted presentations will be given under the form of either talks or posters.

The poster can be found here.

List of participants as of July 31

(S)=participation to the school, (W)=participation to the workshop)

Akman Yildiz, Tugba (W)
Alvarez Borges, Frank Ernesto (SW)
Atay, Fatihcan (W)
Bartlomiejczyk, Agnieszka (W)
Basibuyuk, Selma (S)
Bayani, Anahita (S)
Baydemir, Pinar (S)
Bellver Arnau, Jesus (SW)
Bentout, Soufiane (SW)
Bevilacqua, Giulia (W)
Bitsouni, Vasiliki (SW)
Bliman, Pierre-Alexandre (W)
Bonnet, Celine (W)
Bouin, Emeric (W)
Bratus, Alexandr (SW)
Bubba, Federica (SW)
Bulut, Hatice (S)
Bunimovich-Mendrazitsky, Svetlana (W)
Carrillo, Jose Antonio (S)
Clairambault, Jean (SW)
Conte, Martina (SW)
Corbali, Mohammed Osman (S)
Danciu, Diana Patricia (SW)
Dariva, Kyriaki (SW)
Demircigil, Mete (SW)
Drosinou, Ourania (SW)
Fellner, Klemens (W)
Fiandaca, Giada (W)
Firippi, Eleni (S)
Fonte, Claudia (SW)
Georgopoulou, Vasiliki (S)
Gungen, Murat Alp (SW)
Gyllenberg, Mats (W)
Hatzikirou, Charalambos (W)
Kaid, Zineb (SW)
Karahisarli, Gamzegul (S)
Karachalios, Nikolaos (W)
Kavallaris, Nikolaos (W)
Kolias, Pavlos (SW)
Krumbeck, Yvonne (SW)
Kulahcioglu, Burcin (S)
Ladas, Nikolaos (SW)
Lonc, Agata (W)
Loy, Nadia (W)
Madzvamuse, Anotida (W)
Makridakis, Charalambos (W)
Makroglou, Athena (SW)
Marciniak-Czochra, Anna (W)
Markou, Ioannis (SW)
Martins, Afonso Dimas (S)
Mills, Hayley (SW)
Mischler, Stephane (SW)
Nikolopoulos, Christos (W)
Ozturk, Dilan (S)
Panaro, Daniele (S)
Perperidou, Ioanna (S)
Perrillat-Mercerot, Angelique (SW)
Perthame, Benoit (S)
Peurichard, Diane (W)
Piotrowska, Monika Joanna (W)
Poulain, Alexandre (S)
Pouradier Duteil, Nastassia (S)
Preziosi, Luigi (W)
Rendall, Alan (W)
Rybnikov, Sviatoslav (S)
Sakkas, Georgios (SW)
Schmeiser, Christian (W)
Sensi, Mattia (S)
Sfakianakis, Nikolaos (SW)
Simonov, Nikita (S)
Sneyd, James (SW)
Szymanska, Zuzanna (S)
Tenore, Alberto (S)
Tepe, Aysegul (S)
Toledo, Ana Isis (S)
Torres Escorza, Nicolas (SW)
Trentou, Paschalini (SW)
Tsitsvili, Mariam (SW)
Tuncel, Ipek (S)
Vauchelet, Nicolas (S)
Xanthopoulos, Stylianos (SW)
Yildiz, Burak (W)